Q-Snap Videos, Reviews, and Ideas

It is a proven fact that Q-Snap users are more creative, and look younger and slimmer.

Here are just a few of their ideas...

Here is a great idea! Use your Q-Snap like a scroll frame. Thanks to Craft Fun Forever


Here is how to use Q-Snap embroidery frames as side clamps for your long arm quilting machine. Thanks to Shelley Sieverkropp



Here is a good review of Q-Snaps and other stitching frames and hoops. Thanks to Stitching Mae

In addition to Q-Snaps, Yarn Tree sells sells a variety of hoops, scroll frames, wood stretcher bars, and other stitching accessories.

Thanks to Curiosities 808 for her idea to use a piece of muslin to protect your fabric and stitching. Some fabrics and threads are pretty delicate and can use some extra tender loving care. This idea would work for other types of frames.


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